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From common issues like spring and cable replacement. To full garage door replacement. The harsh temperatures in the Calgary area can increase the chances of your garage door needing regular maintenance or repair to stay in functioning order

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Garage door repair in Calgary NW

Garage door springs on average last 7 years. However, this depends on the quality of the springs. Cheaper springs will last 3 years, while more expensive springs can last 25 years.

Many times you can upgrade to higher-quality springs and the cost is negligible compared to how much longer they will last you.

Springs are measured in cycles. 1 cycle is counted when a garage door opens and closes. For example, a standard garage door spring will last 10,000 cycles. If you open and close your garage door 3 times a day, that equals 3 cycles a day. Therefore this garage door spring would last you 9 years. The more you use a garage door spring, the shorter it’s life becomes. However, if you have a good quality spring, you don’t need to worry about longevity for many years (or decades).

Frequently asked questions

Calgary NW garage door repair Q&A

Quality service and inspection from an expert team.

Common questions and answers about the Calgary NW area.

No, we service all areas. We’re happy to come to you. And we do offer same day services. Give us a call right now and we’re happy to determine the best path forward for addressing the issue that you’re dealing with.

We typically see regular maintenance from rust buildup and harsh weather conditions as being what we’re called for the most. This can have an impact on both residential and commercial businesses. We’re happy to come to you, right away, and determine how to best address your problem.

The cost depends on the type of garage door you have. Some garage doors are taller, others use different opening systems or torsion spring systems. Some garage doors have faulty wiring or have been installed incorrectly, which could be causing issues. The best way to know the price of fixing your garage door is to book a free inspection with us.