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A broken spring is the most common reason for a garage door not working. Get your door fixed today



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Broken garage door springs and cables

Did you know the most common reason garage doors stop working is because of broken springs?

This is because garage door springs are the heavy lifters of the door. They are used every time a garage door opens and closes. Garage door springs last anywhere from 3 to 25 years, depending on the quality you get. At Chips Garage Door Services, our garage door technicians will look at your springs to determine the issue and discuss a solution with you

Why do garage door springs break? Regular wear and tear, rust, extreme temperatures (like cold in Calgary, Alberta), as well as the lack of maintenance can be a key reason for why your garage door springs aren’t working.

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One of my garage door springs broke suddenly yesterday afternoon. I called Chips, and within a few hours, Chip came to our rescue, replacing both springs in a short period of time. Thank you Chip, for a job well done!

Eli Markovich from Calgary

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How long do garage door springs last?

Garage door springs on average last 7 years. However, this depends on the quality of the springs. Cheaper springs will last 3 years, while more expensive springs can last 25 years.

Many times you can upgrade to higher-quality springs and the cost is negligible compared to how much longer they will last you.

Springs are measured in cycles. 1 cycle is counted when a garage door opens and closes. For example, a standard garage door spring will last 10,000 cycles. If you open and close your garage door 3 times a day, that equals 3 cycles a day. Therefore this garage door spring would last you 9 years. The more you use a garage door spring, the shorter it’s life becomes. However, if you have a good quality spring, you don’t need to worry about longevity for many years (or decades).

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Frequently asked questions

questions about garage door springs?

Every part of your garage door system is important, however springs play the biggest role.

When your garage door stops working, the first thing you should check is if the spring is broken. If so, contact a professional to get it repaired or replaced.

Your springs need to be replaced if they are broken. On your garage door you will see a metal road with springs on it. If the springs are broken, then they need replacing. If the springs are in-tack and not broken, there is a different issue.

A garage door spring does the heavy lifting for the door. Once it’s wound up, it can hold and release a large amount of weight – which is how it opens and closes a garage door.

It is NOT SAFE to replace or repair garage door springs. Do not attempt to do this or fatal injury can happen. Springs are powerful and should only be handled by garage door professionals.

It’s recommended to get your springs (and your entire garage door) inspected once a year. This will help catch any early signs of breakage and prevent it, before your garage door stops working. At Chip’s Garage Door Services, we offer a yearly membership that includes maintenance and inspections for your garage door.

Yes, we offer full residential garage door repair and replacement. If we find that there’s an issue outside of just your spring or cable, we’ll be sure to work with you to determine the best path forward. If it’s an issue with something else – we will fix it as well. We fix all garage door issues!